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Juccebox – The Original Juul Charging Case



A little over two years ago, Juul Vapors emerged as the premier electronic cigarette, capturing college campuses and postgrad apartments by storm. Today, they are worth over 45 billion dollars and sold in nearly every gas station, grocery store, and 7/11 throughout the united states. With any emerging product comes growing pains ranging from a multi-million dollar lawsuit from Marlborough to frustrating product flaws like dying batteries and leaking pods.

Luckily, with the mass adoption of the Juul E-cigarette, came a young entrepreneur frustrated by the initial growing pains of a new mass-market product. Doug Messer, the founder of Juccebox, created the first ever mobile Juul Charging case and spare pod holder. The Juccebox quickly gained traction after being featured on Total Frat Move, Barstool Sports, and even receiving a shout out from Instagram celebrity and model Bella Hadid.

The sleek, cigarette-sized case Messer created solved a host of problems for the daily “Juuler”. The Juccebox replaced the mini USB charging device that comes pre-packaged with any new device, and after the case was plugged into a USB cord, a single charge could refuel the Juul over three times. In addition to not having to worry about losing the initial charging device, the Juccebox also made room for two spare pods, essentially eliminating the need to carry around a full pack of four.

We had a chance to check in with Doug, and he offered us a rare look into the expansion of Juccebox to multiple charging accessories, and how this all got started.

“I created the Juccebox by accident,” he says laughing. “I was up late one night laying in bed, and my Juul gave me the classic angry red light. Having a background in product development, I grabbed my Ipad and sketched out what to me was a comical misrepresentation of what the product is today.”

That initial sketch, made lackadaisically one night out of simple frustration, has turned into a modern phenomenon many entrepreneurs dream of.

“After I received the initial test unit, I brought it out with me one night. It turns out the Juccebox was a solution to a host of issues that not just I was suffering with. Everyone who saw it asked where they could buy one. I never thought it would turn into a full product line and it’s even harder to believe that were already on the Juccebox V3.”

Having sold thousands of units in its first year, Juccebox now sells three variations, along with other custom built Juul Charging accessories ranging from a mobile phone charging cord (yes, it actually charges your Juul from your cell phone, and the Juulzie, a Koozie that keeps your vape never farther than your beer.

Grab one today, and keep an eye out for more products from the team over at You can use our promo code for the entire month of May – Getjucced – for an extra 15% off at check out.

Instagram: @juccebox

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