Uncategorized EGA Medical’s Dream Team, Shares Insights On Non-Surgical Procedures

EGA Medical’s Dream Team, Shares Insights On Non-Surgical Procedures


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EGA is located 201 E 69th Street, 2nd floor, New York, NY (212) 327-1428

We first heard about Dr. Todd Schlifstein, Founder & Owner at EGA Medical & Spa his team early last year after receiving feedback from some colleagues about the work he performs. We then thought we would reach out to him and see what and how he has created his dream team that makes the entire process of cosmetic surgery so much easier. Dr. Todd Schlifstein is Top 10 injector as voted by 2,000 providers on best aesthetics injectors.

Dr. Todd Schlifstein is well known for his work at EGA Medical. Listening carefully to his patient’s concerns and desires combined with a keen aesthetic eye has made Dr. Schlifstein standout in the field of Cosmetic Medicine. Helping to restore and rejuvenate a person’s appearance while maintaining a natural appearance is one of the keys to his success. An expert in all cosmetic injectable, but some of his favorite injections are for lip and cheek enhancement. In addition to pioneering some of the more difficult injections like under eye fillers and jawline contouring. Cosmetic Medicine is a discipline of medicine but it also incorporates an artist’s eye and touch.

After all Dr. Todd Schlifstein tells us my dream team Fay Jouni , RN – Rose Gabrielle, Spa Director, Christina Flores –  Administrative Director, Evelyn Ramirez Technician – Maribel Ramirez, Esthetician – Danielle Devlin Medical Assistant & Jason Correa Patient Coordinator without them there would be no me.

To take a step back, corrective medical procedure is a venture. Truly, you are putting cash into your appearance and accumulating certainty as your outcomes come to fruition. It’s likewise a speculation of time and vitality—and you need to attempt beyond any doubt your endeavors pay off.

Restorative medical procedure systems gloat high patient fulfillment rates, and most patients are excited with their outcomes for a long time after cosmetic procedures. In any case, it’s imperative to comprehend that your outcomes expect upkeep to remain fit as a fiddle, and that nothing can completely stop the impacts of maturing, way of life propensities, and hereditary qualities.

We had a chance to chat with Dr. Todd and his ‘Dream Team.” They shared tips on how to drive the best results for your cosmetic non-surgical procedures:

  1. Be aware of common red flags

Generally, beware of physicians  who try to upsell you into getting additional procedures or who use negative language about your body during a consultation. A reputable surgeon will maintain a professional manner during your consultation. If you feel disrespected or pressured to have procedures you didn’t inquire about, leave.

  1. Research the physician

Dr. Todd believes everyone should do some research their provider. Reading reviews, checking out their website, and looking through many before and after photos before the visit. You may ask for more photos to look at when in the office.

  1. Come prepared with the right questions

When you go to your consultation, there are some questions you should ask to get a better idea of the skill level and experience of the surgeon you are considering for your procedure. If the surgeon seems flustered or irritated by these questions, it’s probably better to play it safe and choose another doctor.

These types of questions will give you a better idea of if the provider specializes in the procedure you want. Both you and your provider have the same expectations and goals. Aware of the risks, the benefits, and other treatment possibilities.



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