Entrepreneurship article 2: Lessons From Eric Feng’s Entrepreneurial Journey   As an advocate of social media, globally-renowned speaker, author and entrepreneur Eric Feng has propelled himself into superstardom, and he shares how a strong online presence can protect businesses against unexpected adversity    As a fresh university graduate, Eric Feng first ventured into...


The rising value of Bitcoin leads to ever-higher energy consumption, researchers say.
Birmingham Airport says it welcomes support after passenger numbers fall by 91% due to Covid.
The UK's second-largest supermarket joins Tesco in promising to price-match German discounter Aldi.
Banking CEO David Velez says it is vital that bosses appoint staff who have experience of working in that industry.
The Biden administration may be taking a softer line on Chinese tech giants say industry watchers.
Transport Secretary Grant Shapps' call for people to pause summer holiday plans gets a rough reception.