David Rails on Costars After Tami Roman’s Husband Tries Confronting Him on Real World Homecoming (Exclusive)toofab.comon January 10, 2022 at 7:59 pm


“This is why they’re my cast mates, not roommates. The fact this bitch gets away with it is mind-boggling.”

Tami Roman’s husband Reggie Youngblood husband may have left the house after attempting to confront David Edwards on “Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles,” but the ripple effects from his visit will continue to play out this week.

In this exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday’s new episode, David finds out from Jon Brennan that Reggie showed up looking for him after production briefly pulled him from the house following escalating tensions with Tami.

ICYMI, Tami and David got into it over the Black Lives Matter movement, after Roman felt her costar was too apathetic about the movement as a Black man. As he kept making jabs about Roman’s wig and joked about snatching it from her head, she eventually called up her husband, who then showed to confront David for disrespecting his wife. Production, however, had already taken Edwards to the beach in an attempt to deescalate the situation — and wouldn’t allow him to return to the house until Reggie left the vicinity, fearing a physical altercation.

After Brennan filled him that Reggie showed up “looking for you” and was “irate” doing it, David began to call out Tami.

“I’ve done nothing but had praises for Tami. Hugs, smiles and motherf—ing kisses and understanding,” said David, as footage showed him being slightly less understanding. “You wanna come after me because I don’t have the same beliefs that you do when it comes to dealing with people or the racial situations in life? I don’t want to put that heaviness on me all the time, I don’t want to wear that f—ing hat all the time.”

“You want to disrespect me, make the ugliness come out of me and you want to call your f—ing husband. Ain’t nobody got time for this bulls—,” he added. Edwards went on to say that he would never reverse the situation and call his own wife to confront her — adding, “But it’s okay when she does it?”

In a confessional, his frustrations spread to the rest of the house.

“Living together, you really learn who your friends are and who your friends not. These people really don’t give a f— about me,” he vented. “To me, they don’t have my back. You’re trying to put me in a trap, put me in a negative light which is unfair. I don’t like for that side of me to come out, but motherf—ers kept poking the bear.”

“This is why they’re my cast mates, not roommates,” he added. “The fact this bitch gets away with it is ming-boggling.”

The footage ends with him telling Brennan and Glen Naessens, “everybody leave me the f— alone, please.”

New episodes of “Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles” drop Wednesdays on Paramount+.



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