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If you are a mortgage broker or loan officer, then you most likely spend a good part of your day chasing down leads, warming them up, hitting dead ends when the sale doesn’t happen, and starting the process all over again. Here and there you find success, of course, but you are probably frustrated by how difficult it can be to turn a prospect into a sale. To find a solution, you may have read some of the many books that have been written on the art of cultivating a relationship with a customer so that they, in effect, “choose you,” and you may have even tried purchasing leads from some of industry’s biggest generators. At the end of the day, however, do you feel like your mortgage business is achieving as much as it could be? Are you really having any fun with your job? If the answer is “no,” then MERGE Media has the solution you’ve been searching for: warmed-up leads that are exclusively yours and, even better, pre-booked appointments with them. All you have to do is show up at work each day and do what you love doing the most: make sales with people whose backgrounds and personas match who you are seeking in your clients.

Why MERGE Media Is Needed in the Mortgage Loan Industry

Supplying mortgage clients with leads is not a new idea – what is new is supplying them with customized leads. To understand why MERGE Media’s approach is so important and is resonating with brokers and loan officers, think about what a typical professional faces today when they purchase mass leads. Their inbox may be flooded with notifications of new prospects, which is certainly exciting for the broker or loan officer. However, they are not the only one to receive them. There may be dozens of other mortgage professionals who see the information, and it becomes a race to the phone to leave voicemails and send text messages in hopes that the prospect will call them back. This, you can agree, is not the most efficient use of anyone’s time.

If they are able to talk to the prospect, then a new array of challenges presents itself. Are they truly interested in a loan or just shopping around? Are they able to qualify for a loan? If so, how much? To make it even more complex, a mortgage professional in one zip code will be looking for specific answers to these questions that are different from their peers in other zip codes, yet all of them will receive the same leads. MERGE Media believes that it is obvious, then, that a generic approach to generating leads cannot help loan officers or brokers attain the success they seek. 

MERGE Media’s Alternative to Mass Leads

MERGE Media centers its services around a simple idea: each of its mortgage clients can increase their productivity and profits by having a partner who takes over the first steps of the sales process for them and frees them to focus only on strong prospects. 

MERGE Media’s solution begins with a digital marketing campaign that is designed to generate exclusive leads based on a client’s persona. MERGE Media then effectively becomes the cultivator of the initial relationships. It first sends first-contact emails and text messages on behalf of its mortgage client when a prospect makes an inbound loan inquiry. This is continued until an in-house agent from MERGE Media speaks with the prospect. The cultivation process continues once the person makes an appointment with a mortgage banker. At this stage, MERGE Media will send additional emails and text messages to the prospect so that they receive more information about the mortgage process. If MERGE Media’s client is unable to speak with the prospect for several days, MERGE Media will continue to send emails and text messages to the lead so that the cultivation process continues. When the client speaks with the prospect, they will encounter a person who is already several steps along in the sales process: a viable lead.

MERGE Media: Empowering Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers to Be More Productive and Effective

The MERGE Media team believes two things: the old sales process doesn’t help mortgage professionals as much as it should, and they have a solution that will improve how their clients cultivate prospects and make sales. The end result will be brokers and loan officers who are more prosperous and who simply enjoy their work a lot more than they ever have. 

MERGE Media is a digital marketing agency that specializes in generating customized leads for mortgage brokers and lenders. Its professionals create personalized campaigns for their clients and constantly look for ways to help them to do their jobs better and more easily. For the convenience of its clients, MERGE Media partners with Coin Payments and can accept payments in cryptocurrency or keep them in the company’s cryptocurrency wallet. 

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