The Kinesiologist that Invented a Unique Method of Flexibility Training


Paul Zaichik is a kinesiologist with over 20 years of experience in the field. He is known for changing the face of fitness and sport by inventing a groundbreaking method of flexibility training that is geared towards changing the future of physical fitness and sport resilience.  

EasyFlexibility offers over a hundred different programs for individuals that want to increase their flexibility and for athletes that need to maintain a certain amount of flexibility in order to perform well. Paul Zaichik has always been passionate about using stretching as a way to increase mobility in people with chronic pain and to increase movement and stamina for those invested in sports. 

The event that spurred his desire to create this program came from watching his friend, a competitive swimmer at the time, deal with an injury that made the back of his shoulder muscles tighten. His friend had tried everything to regain his range of motion. Paul could see that he was struggling to stretch the posterior deltoid, and then he noticed something; when he moved laterally in a stretch, the stubborn muscle suddenly elongated. 

Paul’s knowledge of the body allowed him to understand why that was the case. He observed that the stiff muscle would actually stretch when its other action would engage. This experience led Paul to develop his own methods, which he called Zaichik Stretching Techniques. He had initially used the name Kinesiological Stretching Techniques because each technique is based on the science of kinesiology and the muscle lines of pull that boast mobility and awareness.

Paul explains that he uses a movement system called “Target and Leverage” which allows the muscle to stretch or wiggle at each movement. Zaichik Stretching Techniques are combined with special retention exercises that maintain the flexibility gained in every training session. Each technique isolates and elongates the muscle along its anatomical line of pull. 

This method is now being taught by certified instructors in martial arts dojos, gymnastic gyms, wellness centers, and dance studios. Even yoga studios implore these methods to further their client’s flexibility. “With the number of certified instructors exponentially on the rise, I envision that Easyflexibility will eventually be taught in stand-alone schools,” Paul shares. “We currently offer an online certification course for instructors interested in teaching these techniques.” 

It’s easy to get started and monitor your own progress. First, select a program based on your goals. Then, go to your online library and join the support group. After that, begin training and track your progress with the Stretch 180 App. The Zaichik stretching method is different from other programs in that it is meant to help you excel in your other exercise programs, facilitating better results. The program focuses on the tightest muscles first. This will allow you to focus on one area at a time and measure your progress. Each stretch is designed to be pain-free, eliminating discomfort and allowing you to continue training to achieve faster results. This holistic program provides lasting results and it’s actually fun! You will quickly see results and experience the benefits of added flexibility that you can show off. 

Visit Easyflexibility’s testimonials to read and listen to clients share their experience using this program. You will see a variety of individuals that have made tremendous gains. Some claim to have started with zero flexibility while others were already partially flexible and have used this program to further their performance in an activity they love. The best thing about this program is that you can easily incorporate it into your life and improve in so many areas. If you are looking to take your flexibility goals to new heights, visit


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