Fred Farah’s Experience with Used Car Purchases


Fred Farah’s Experience with Used Car Purchases 


Fred (Fayez) Farah of North Star Motors and Okley Construction owns and operates his own car dealership, selling many used cars to drivers. Those purchases can come with a variety of benefits when compared to the benefits of buying a new vehicle. Mainly cost-related, those advantages can lead to you saving a lot of money before and after you drive off the lot with a car. 

Vehicle Certification

Vehicle certification lets drivers know that the car they’re getting has  been inspected and quality is assured. Fayez Farah explains that vehicle certification is not offered with newer vehicles. “It’s also important to remember that buying a new car can potentially lead you down the road to recalls in the future whereas with vehicle certification, the quality is guaranteed.” Fayez Farah knows that certification can help people feel better about the purchase they’re making and drive their car off the lot with confidence. 

Variety of Vehicles Available 

Drivers often enjoy the large variety of vehicles they have to choose from when they go to a used car lot. While only about 350 new models of cars are put out yearly, used car lots offer a greater amount of vehicles to explore. Fred Farah knows that it can help you get the car you want, down to the exact make, model, color, and other features you may be looking for. “There’s so many options,” he explained, “you can get things down to exactly what you want in way that you just can’t with a new vehicle.” 

Insurance Rates

Insurance is often the most costly part of making a car purchase, outside of buying the vehicle itself. Used cars tend to have lower insurance rates than new ones due to depreciation. This offers additional savings on top of the initial purchase. 

Additional Fees 

When people buy a new car, a variety of fees can be added on to the initial purchase, including the cost of shipping. Fayez Farah knows this firsthand from operating his own dealership. Used cars usually do not carry these hidden fees, which allows buyers to get their car at or near the price they expected to pay walking into the dealership.

Customization Costs

When a vehicle becomes yours, you often want to make sure that it comes with the features and add-ons that suit what you like. Fred Farah often has customers who wanted to purchase those add-ons at his dealership. By buying used, drivers often save money, which can be used to purchase those additional features to make the car just right for you. 

Vehicle Data

Used cars also come with vehicle history data. Fayez Farah provides  this data to anyone who purchased a vehicle with him. The information usually comes from companies like CarFax, allowing possible buyers to take a look at what the car they’re interested in has been through with other drivers. When driving a new car off the lot, you’re likely to have a car that doesn’t need any repairs, but you also do not have an idea of what may go wrong with the vehicle in the future.

Information Available Online 

In addition to used car reports, used cars tend to have more information available about them online. Fayez Farah directs his customers to different platforms when they have questions that he can’t answer about the vehicles they were looking at. “With technology how it is now, it’s so simple,” he said. “Just a few clicks and you can know exactly what you’re gonna get into with a specific car.” 

A quick Google search of the year, make, and model of used car that you might buy will allow you to see the experiences other people have had with the vehicle. It also allows you to look up a dealership and see how they describe the vehicle, something that Fayez Farah did for his customers. This gives people a variety of additional opinions to go off of that a new vehicle may not offer.

Vehicle Registration Fees

Fred Farah operates North Star Motors out of Texas, where drivers are charged a flat rate plus local fees to register their vehicle. Other states, like New Jersey, factor in things like age and weight to determine the cost of registration. By buying a used car, drivers can save money just because their car isn’t totally brand new. 

Over the years, Fayez Farah has been able to see how advantageous buying a used car can be for drivers. He hopes anyone looking for a vehicle is also able to see those advantages and make the purchase that is right for them when looking for a car. 

Fred (Fayez) Farah is the owner of North Star Motors, an independent car dealer in Houston, Texas and Okley Construction. 



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