Bridging the Gap between Patient and Doctor Dr. Njideka Udochi


When injured or ill, the kind of doctor you see can make all the difference in the world. Aware of this,  Dr. Njideka Udochi takes precautions to ensure that both her clinic and it’s staff are both inviting and knowledgeable. By establishing a safe environment, her patient’s sense of fear and discomfort seemingly melt away. This practice is what has made Millennium Family Practice what it is today with Dr. Udochi as it’s driving force. As the medical director and CEO of Millennium Family Practice, she is leading her team to change the narrative on patient care..

“The connections we make with patients isn’t something we take for granted. They trust us with their concerns and it’s up to us to communicate to them the conditions they’re facing.” Dr. Udochi explains. Millennium serves as a full service clinic that is experienced in treating a number of medical issues. Health vulnerabilities such as HIV and addiction, as well as allergies, illnesses, broken bones are just some of the things Dr. Udochi sees on a weekly basis. 

By broadening the services that they provide, Millennium has made a name for themself within the Maryland area. Based on both community recognition as well as overall patient care, Dr. Udochi obtained the 2021 Family Physician of the Year Award. A testimony to her clinic, Dr. Udochi’s approach towards her patients involves the aspect of diversity. “Our staff comes from all different backgrounds, both medical and cultural, and I’m proud to say we are fluent in twelve different languages here.” Dr. Udochi states. “A language barrier should not be a determining factor when your health is concerned.” 

Millennium Family Practice was founded on the principles of inclusivity and the staff is fluent in a number of different languages such as French, Hindi, Arabic, and Yoruba to name a few. By highlighting diversity, patients can feel confident that they will be understood without the risk of being lost in translation. It is this attention to the current issues of healthcare that has allowed Millennium Family Practice to serve its community for the past sixteen years. As they look forward into the future, humanity and compassion remains a guiding principle of both Millennium Family Practice and Dr. Udochi.

Aside from her obvious passion for the field, Dr. Udochi is equipped with the proper educational background. She first obtained her medical degree from the College of Medicine at the University of Nigeria in 1988. She then graduated in 1998 from the highly respected George Washington University Medical Center/Holy Cross Family Practice Residency Program. She also completed a fellowship in Geriatrics at the George Washington University Medical Center in 1999. She is an experienced HIV provider and has had Board Certification since 2004. She also carries the designation AAHIVS. Dr. Udochi is currently the President of a consortium of multi-speciality physicians who provide care to patients using a PCMH model, which ensures improved access, quality, and outcomes. 

Prior to opening her own practice, Dr. Udochi was employed by Mercy Medical Center and served as the Medical Director of HCH in Baltimore City. This experience allowed her insight to another spectrum of the health industry. Working with the underprivileged, she took her experience and channeled it into her work at Millennium by offering the option of self-pay at her own clinic.

The work done at Millennium speaks for itself. Aside from obtaining the 20210 Family Physician of the Year Award, Dr. Udochi’s services reach beyond borders as she has patients in one hundred and fourteen countries. “It’s honestly amazing how we’ve been able to have patients in places as far as Africa. It’s factors like this that makes me proud of what I do. By providing care for those we need it most, we’re changing people’s mindset on what a visit to the doctors can really be like.”


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