Dr. Anosh Ahmed and Heart of Health Clinics: Accessibility Isn’t Optional


As a truly compassionate physician, Dr. Anosh Ahmed understands you have to be empathetic in patient care by knowing where your patient is coming from and what factors are affecting them and their health. Healthcare isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach because it is intersectional. There are many factors that can contribute to a condition or a health issue and being aware of them can greatly impact treatment for the better for the underserved, uninsured, and refugees. This is why Dr. Ahmed is making a change in the greater Chicago area.

For many years, Dr. Ahmed has owned clinics and hospitals as an investor and entrepreneur, and that experience has allowed him to see where people need the most care and how to make sure a clinic or hospital runs smoother. Spread across the greater Chicago area, Heart of Health Clinics are set to open with the sole purpose of making health and wellbeing accessible. 

The Heart of Health care team consists of experienced physicians and change-makers that understand the holistic approach essential in healing our most vulnerable individuals, many of whom may not have had access to medical care for years. The care team uses many aspects such as the patient’s health, income level, physical environment, and social support to create an effective treatment plan. This is how valuable intersectionality is to truly providing the best care for people that don’t have the access to the right resources. When you understand these intricacies, it is integral to creating a treatment plan and provides a new sense of hope in an individual’s life.

Heart of Health wants to provide more than just primary medical care, they want to change the way health care is viewed by the most vulnerable by being inclusive, intersectional, and safe. Their goal is to create a space that is welcoming and helpful because too many people turn away health care because they can’t afford treatment or they don’t feel comfortable seeking help. At Heart of Health, they believe that employment status, age, nationality, or ability to pay for medical care should not be a barrier to medical access. They see their patients as an extension of our own family and treat them with the same care and respect that we would a loved one. We aim to forge relationships that outlast the duration of a single appointment.

The creation of Heart of Health Clinics has been a life-long goal of Dr. Anosh Ahmed, a licensed physician, and self-made entrepreneur. His passion for community driven care and accessibility is infused in his work, his investments, and everyday life. He knows first hand of working with Physicians and at-risk individuals in Chicago, and understands the many contributing factors that negatively impact the health of our populace. From unsafe home environments, hazardous workplaces, to lack of a stable income, and irregular access to medical care can be nearly impossible for individuals to improve their mental and physical health. The most unfortunate aspect of most cases is that they are easily treatable.

Dr. Ahmed’s success is grounded in adversity and challenge. When a disability caused by illness made it impossible for Dr. Ahmed’s father to support his family, the then-13-year-old Anosh made a solemn vow to himself that he would rise above his obstacles in order to become a physician and rehabilitate not only his father but others whose lives have been similarly affected by illness and disease too.

Following his studies at the Windsor University School of Medicine and a successful residency at Mount Sinai Hospital, Dr. Ahmed made the bold decision to accept the post of COO/CFO at a Safety Net Hospital on the Westside of Chicago in 2018. Dr. Ahmed and his team of dedicated physicians worked hard to expand service lines and improve the quality of care provided to its underserved community. Dr. Ahmed’s hands-on experience of how first-rate care can restore life and vitality to a challenged community only further cemented his passion for creating medical access for all by opening dedicated community clinics where they are most needed. The research and development team at Heart of Health has identified ten locations and plans to open up the first clinic site this summer.

Dr. Ahmed and his incredible team of physicians are leading Heart of Health clinics to improve the lives of people in the greater Chicago area. They want to revitalize their community and connect people with the resources they need to go farther, breaking generational chains, and improving conditions. With Dr. Ahmed’s experience, and ambition he is doing amazing work in his community.



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