Richard Gates of Spartan Trades: Learn to Trade Online


Richard Gates of Spartan Trades is one of the top online trade mentors. With information shared over his social media accounts, he has been found by a number of people that become members of his training programs. With Spartan Trades, it opens the door for people to learn how to trade through his online programs and discord chat server. Gates’ goal is to be the mentor that he needed when he first started in investments and trading.

Gates started out just posting stuff about his trading endeavors on Youtube and grew abundantly from there. He used his popularity to create a trading community that he loves running. “I started posting my charts and analysis on Instagram and YouTube and people LOVED it. I was getting daily messages about my techniques and gained a huge following because of it. My style of trading and my straight to the point explanations of my trades resonated with my followers,” he explains. His information comes in many ways from his social media presence, to his discord chat room, to his Higher Spartan programs, members will always learn something new and can contribute their information as well.

For access to the Spartan Trades discord server, there is a $79 monthly fee or bi yearly and yearly fee options that gives a client access to a group chat of like-minded individuals that are there to learn. This allows for a more cohesive learning unit where trolling, hate speech, or inappropriate call outs are not tolerated. In the Discord chat, there is a streamlined approach to “watching” stocks and discussion on finding patterns and letting the client decide what they want to take from that chat session. Upon signing up, the user gains access to a multi-hour training program that teaches strategies that members can implement in their own trading ventures.

The Higher Spartan program is the second option for those wanting more insight into everything that Gates does for the discord server and a more in-depth perspective into trading for those that have some experience. It is a week-long program where the client will learn how the watchlist tickers are picked, how to look for setups, plus what constitutes a great setup. Additionally, they will learn how to adjust to market conditions in the morning, which tickers that are being eyed depending on the day and why, and have full access to ask any questions about trading during that time. This mentorship program allows members to work with Gates twice a day (once in the morning and once in the afternoon) on a live screen share session where they can analyze charts and they learn the process for choosing the watchlist stocks that he chooses as well as, what constitutes a high probability setup. Members will be classed up with three of their peers. The groups are small and will stay that way so that they can be individually mentored. 

For the last option, the Higher Spartan Program, is a complete course on trading that is 272 pages long and includes over eight hours of video content. It teaches everything that Gates knows from a technical standpoint from how to start trading to strategies that are used for pattern recognition. Members can begin with Masterclass Series 1 and work their way through to Masterclass Series 6. The series is cumulative, so members will be referencing back to strategies taught in the beginning as you advance forward. For this reason, it is recommended that they read the series in its entirety, from beginning to end. Included with the written content is a video list with links to every single video included in the series. At the end of the video list, there will be an extras section with hours worth of content! The videos are made to supplement the reading, not replace it. So be sure to review the text in each section prior to watching the videos for a complete understanding of the concepts and strategies taught.

Gates’ invaluable knowledge is allowing people from all over to access his resources and training online so that they can implement his strategies into their own trading and succeed. “I average an eighty percent win ratio on my daily watchlists that I put out for my team of over 2000 members,” he says. “People wanted to learn my strategies and trade with me and that’s when I decided to start my discord server, Spartan Trades.” 

With over ten years experience in investing and 5 years in day trading, Gates’ passion is trading AND teaching. “It was always my goal to help people avoid the costly mistakes that I had to learn the hard way. Additionally, I wanted to build a community of like-minded individuals who worked as a team and could bounce ideas off of each other while trading a similar style.” So far, his discord server has over 2,000 members and counting.



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