Audien Hearing: Revolutionizing The Hearing Aid Industry


For years, the hearing aid industry has been dominated by a few big companies. Working with hearing centers, audiologists and sales reps, they’ve kept prices high ($4,600/pair on average) and sold big, bulky hearing aids that many seniors don’t know how to use. Now, with the advent of direct to consumer online hearing aid sales, that’s all beginning to change. 

Audien Hearing is leading this new emerging industry. By cutting out expensive costs and middlemen like physical hearing center locations, audiologists, sales reps, and consultations, they are able to sell at one of the lowest prices on the market. Their rechargeable in ear hearing aids start at only $89/pair, more than 95% less than the industry average. Audien recognized that the hardware in a basic hearing device is not very expensive; the expensive part is paying for custom programming, audiologist consults, and factoring in the cost of buying from a business that has to pay for a retail location.

For that reason, Audien has no retail locations and no custom programming. They sell a simple, one size fits all hearing aid, and focus instead on keeping quality high and costs low. Their devices are easy to use, in ear and rechargeable — giving consumers what they need without the massive costs.

Currently, Audien only has two models: The EV1 and EV3. While many other companies offer an array of different hearing aids, Audien has zeroed in their efforts by producing just two. Both models are focused on ease of use and quality. They wanted to make something small and discreet, but still comfortable, simple, and powerful. After selling more than 200,000 pairs in just one year, it’s clear their new products are a hit with the people using them. 

The EV1, one of their two models, is arguably the best hearing device on the market for below $100. Many people have spent $5,000+ on big, bulky hearing aids that are hard to use and require regular replacement of disposable batteries. The EV1 manages to be smaller than many of these expensive counterparts, while being easier to use due to being rechargeable (not to mention providing savings on not having to buy batteries). Their base model, the EV1’s small size is discreet and while providing great sound quality. At $89/pair, a fraction of what traditional hearing aids cost, the price point alone makes it leap ahead of its competitors. 

With the EV3 model, Audien Hearing has listened to their customers’ feedback on the EV1 and created something even better. The EV3 is 26% smaller than the EV1, focusing on comfort for those with smaller ear canals.  The EV3 also offers improved sound quality, and comes with an easy to use magnetic charging dock. The EV3 has quickly become a top seller with customers, on pace to eclipse sales of the EV1. They’re working on developing an EV5 model that is even better.

Audien began in hopes of transforming an industry that needed a change. At that time, the option of alternative hearing aids was limited. Consumers, having nowhere else to turn, were forced to either pay for wildly expensive hearing aids or suffer through not being able to hear properly. Thanks to Audien, they don’t have to spend thousands to be able to hear again.

There’s been a boom in the hearing aid market recently. With amazing products and prices, it’s clear why Audien Hearing is leading the charge. Their mission of making hearing affordable for everyone is beginning to come to fruition. 


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