CoCaBee by Amanda Lavery: The Organic Approach


The market for quality self-care products have been in boom as of recently. As the market continues to become oversaturated with an array of different products, setting your product apart from the competition is proving more crucial now than ever.For CoCaBee, by Amanda Lavery, it was a challenge she was ready to take on.

In regards to the lip balm industry, getting a lip balm has never been accessible. Sold virtually everywhere, it’s a market that truly has been explored. However, with CoCaBee, Lavery is well on her way to shake up the world of lip balms. Realizing the ingredients being used in body care products today, Lavery sought to revolutionize the way people viewed body care products. Often loaded with artificial ingredients and parabens, this was the stepping stone of what inspired Lavery to ultimately embark on her journey. Starting by making a small batch using only natural ingredients such as coconut oil, honey, and beeswax, Lavery was able to cultivate her own lip balm. Introducing them to those around her, Lavery quickly realized the success she had on her hands. What started out as just a couple of lip balms quickly expanded to be the bread and butter of Lavery’s company. Introducing a hundred percent plant based lip balms into the market is just one of the first steps that CoCaBee has taken to becoming a powerhouse in the world of body care.

In addition to a different approach to body care, Lavery’s also implements the importance of eco-friendly packaging. By using bamboo tubes, it allows CoCaBee to backup all of its claims. Centering on providing safe, non-toxic and eco friendly products; this is a corner of the market that was made for Lavery. As an entrepreneur, Lavery understands the importance of establishing a connection with the market. By setting her company’s intentions of delivering organic body-care products, she has set the tone for her company as well as those to follow suit.

As CoCaBee began to take off, Lavery’s began to dabble in other products. While initially starting off with the focus being on lip balm; CoCaBee’s inventory only blossomed from there. Having ambitions to reach all age groups, Lavery’s hard work has paid off. Today, in addition to lip balm, CoCaBee’s inventory also includes lipstick, lip masks, and hand cream. This range of products is only the beginning for both CoCaBee and Lavery as she has her sights set on every corner of the body and skin care market.

The competition for small business has never been fiercer than it is today. While the ideals and foundation for CoCaBee remain the same, Lavery continues to find different methods in order to improve her goal of expanding the eco-friendly market. Dedicated to her craft and constantly striving for improvement is just one of the ways that CoCaBee’s separated themselves from the market. Using bamboo cases opposed to conventional plastic is just another testimony of what Amanda Lavery’s capabilities are. By incorporating and embracing new ideas, Lavery ensures the growth of CoCaBee.

As CoCaBee continues to reach new heights, Lavery continues to evolve alongside it. Passionate about the issue of women in business, she uses her platform and story to encourage other women. Understanding the importance and benefits of starting your own company, Lavery does her best to educate others with what she has learned along the way. “Success isn’t given, it’s hard work, perseverance, and most of all, learning.” Lavery explains. Self-growth is one of the ways that Lavery continues to provide clients with raw, organic products and it all started with a lip balm.

Centered in Ontario, Canada, CoCaBee has made significant progress since its humble beginnings. For Lavery, her goal is to provide safe alternatives to lip balms without sacrificing quality. CoCaBee’s quality is just an example of the dedication that Lavery puts into her craft. Given the status of the world right now, Lavery’s drive to see CoCaBee succeed is prevalent as her sales continues to see growth. By

not allowing anything to stop her, Amanda Lavery’s desire to spread the word of organic skin care truly knows no boundaries. As CoCaBee continues to thrive, it won’t be long before CoCaBee’s influence reaches that of your local store. 



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