Audien Hearing: A Solution to Hearing Loss              


Hearing aids — traditionally an expensive product costing $4,600/pair on average — are due for a big change.  For years, most people simply couldn’t afford hearing aids. Now, with the advent of online sales, consumers can get a pair of hearing aids delivered right to their door, without expensive middlemen. Audien Hearing is leading the charge for online hearing aids, providing top quality devices at one of the most affordable prices on the market.

Traditionally, hearing aids have been too expensive for most to afford them. In order to get a quality hearing device, consumers were expected to shell out thousands of dollars, not to mention go through the lengthy process of getting hearing tests, going to a physical hearing center, seeing an audiologist and more. At Audien Hearing, the process is simple — order online and get a pair of hearing aids delivered right to your doorstep. The company was started when one of its founders witnessed his grandmother being unable to afford to hear. Eliminating the need for audiologists, hearing centers, and sales reps, Audien Hearing was able to simplify the entire process and cut the costs by more than 95%. By selling a one size fits all product, people no longer had to pay thousands of dollars to involve hearing centers and audiologists. 

Audien Hearing aids are the byproduct of years of research. With half a decade in the hearing industry, Audien knows what consumers really care about and designed products to meet their needs at the lowest possible price. Historically, a hearing test would be needed in order to acquire a hearing aid. The consumer would have to go to a hearing center, consult an audiologist, and custom program their device. For this reason, the average price of hearing aids was driven up to around $4,600/pair. This is due to the added costs of physical locations, audiologists, sales reps and customizations. But by cutting out the middlemen, and selling online direct to the consumer, Audien is able to sell rechargeable in ear hearing aids starting at only $89/pair.

Cost is just one of the ways that Audien Hearing seeks to improve the market of hearing aids. Audien has also made improvements to their products over time. To keep things simple and easy to use, Audien Hearing aids take away some of the complexity of past hearing products. They offer two different models of hearing aids: The EV1 and EV3. Both are small, easy to use, in ear and rechargeable — the main features consumers ask for in a pair of hearing aids. By listening to the consumer, Audien has managed to make a high value product that meets the customer’s needs, while remaining at the lowest price possible. 

The work done at Audien Hearing has proven successful — take it from the mouths of customers themselves. They have hundreds of photo reviews on their website and countless video testimonials from customers saying that this is life changing. 

As the market continues to grow, Audien Hearing has sold over 100,000 pairs of their EV1. Proving that there is necessary change that needs to be made, Audien Hearing sheds light on the problems within the hearing industry. The first of its kind to make noticeable change, Audien Hearing has stuck to its core mission: To make hearing affordable for everyone. Continuing to grow, Audien Hearing has left a mark on the industry of hearing aids. Looking to the future, it won’t be long before Audien Hearing is one of the biggest names in the industry.


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