Bhaskar Ahuja: Why Global Supply Chains Need More Transparency


In a world of global business and trade, our products come from near and far, but how and where exactly are they being traded or packaged from? Our supply chains origins are foggy; there is a lot of information that isn’t available to businesses and consumers. This is where Bhaskar Ahuja comes in. Bhaskar is an innovator for change, an entrepreneur and supporter of ethical business practices. As the owner of TheStartupbros and Aura Fuschia, and CEO and founder of Originscale, he is using his platform of entrepreneurship to be a positive change in the industry. He is working to create a journey of transparency, ethics, and efficiency in global supply chains and the modern world.

The current world is richly fascinated with labels, origins, footprint, and authenticity, as it should be. Consumers want to be aware of what they are buying especially for health, religious practice, and ethical sourcing reasons. These aspects are what is important to people, but when you lack that transparency and aren’t able to determine the quality of products, their integrity is forfeited automatically. “Today’s supply chains are complex, geographically diverse, & often outsourced. On an average a business engages at least 16 third parties, has 4 locations, and 8-10 disparate channels. This leads to disconnected operation, limited visibility into the supply chains, lack of control over processes & suppliers, and this leads to erosion of trust & reputational risk,” Bhaskar explains. This is why he has set out for a change.

Making changes is no easy feat in the business world, especially when the current methods have been so long-ingrained in history. What Bhaskar is trying to do is produce something much different. With his consulting company, TheStartupbros, he helps launch and scale startups. The team at TheStartupbros outsources resources that can help at all stages of a startup. Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, “Do what matters the most to you and leave product engineering to TheStartupbros. Whether you are bootstrapping or scaling up your product development, we have you covered! Our product engineering teams are the best in the industry and have deep expertise in developing and scaling enterprise-grade products.” In the realm of product development and engineering, TheStartupbros are changing the way business is defined and established.

For new ways of doing business, Bhaskar is revolutionizing the way health and wellness products are sold and produced. Aura Fuchsia is a health and supplement site that only sells traceable, ethical products that are natural. “Aura fuchsia was born out of the idea of bringing natural and traceable products to a life free from artificial ingredients, leaving the world sustainable,” Bhaskar explained. Backed by blockchain technology, Aura Fuchsia utilizes this to keep a traceable record of products. “We use specialized technology that not only traces the origin of the finished product but also traces the end-to-end journey of the product, including its source, ingredients, manufacturing processes, quality assurances, certifications from farm to consumer.” This creates a safer product that is reliable and the highest quality for the best interest of the consumer with the help from Originscale.

Sustainability and transparency in global trade and business is important, but a lot of global supply chains are outsourced without any knowledge or transparency of what is actually going on. With this in mind, Bhasker Ahuja founded Originscale. It is a SaaS (software as a service) platform “intended to bring absolute transparency to the supply chains by digitizing and democratizing critical quality information, enabling humans to make confident choices about what they want to produce and consume, and thereby creating healthy communities.” This service is revolutionary because it puts the power of commerce back into the hands of the consumer and creates D2C connections across countless sources. “Traceability is at the core of the platform and everything else revolves around it. We stitch every single critical operation on the platform and are able to recreate that in a matter of seconds which means businesses have full control of their supply chains and they exactly know what’s happening, when, and where.” 

“They are able to initiate recalls, withdrawals and take corrective actions in real-time,” Bhaskar explains. “This connects the brands’ physical and digital channels, bringing their customers back into their digital channels, enabling them to create direct intimacy with customers. This results in higher customer engagement, less churn, repeat sales, lower cost of acquisition, and increased revenue.” This is nothing short of innovative and resourceful and is changing the way brands are positioned and dedicated to their customers and products. 

Over time, the new world of transparency and authenticity will be established as Bhaskar continues on his journey. Through his innovation and engineering, a strong change is around the corner. As the world around us becomes more attuned to the dangers of our current supply chain, the more consumers will be able to have the power to decide where they will purchase from for their sake and the benefit of ethics and sustainability, leading us into the future of global consumerism.


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