Dr. Tomi Mitchell is the Mental Health Practitioner the COVID Era Needs


Sometimes when you are in a dark place mentally, it’s important to have a caring voice to listen to you. We don’t always need answers right away, but simply to know that someone cares and someone’s there for us.

In 2020, the world changed forever as a global pandemic forced millions and millions of people to become isolated, which led to an increase in mental health difficulties, depression, and suicide rates.

Never before has there been a greater need for caring and dedicated practitioners to address the mental health crisis exacerbated by the pandemic.

Dr. Tomi Mitchell is the owner of Dr. Tomi Mitchell Holistic Wellness Strategies. She’s been a self-employed business owner for 10 years, with a passion for helping people heal and nurture their most crucial asset: their mind.

“I help try to make mental health a priority for everyone. We should all do a checkup on a regular basis. I’m a physician but I don’t want to focus on clinical practice any more, as frankly I’m tired of sometimes having to give quick fixes to problems that are much deeper. Now I work one-on-one, or in group sessions and I have online courses. Whether you’re stressing over unattainable goals, feeling stuck in a uninspiring career, or just generally feeling overwhelmed and overlooked, I’m here to help.”

Dr. Tomi Mitchell has been deeply aware of the pain points many people in society have, and has empathy for those struggling with self-care, self esteem, anxiety, depression and so much more. She explains, “This has been a very personal process. I had to overcome so many challenges in my life,and it weighed on my mental health. Being told from an early age, into adulthood, that I wasn’t any good, really weighed on me, especially when it came from people who were supposed to be teaching and encouraging me. I worked hard to prove myself, pushing myself to the brink of exhaustion. My best efforts were not always appreciated, and some people around me expected me to be there for them, whenever they wanted. Even though life happened, I was still held to an extremely high, unrealistic standard, one that wasn’t pushed on all my peers. I found myself not being listened to, being gaslighted and received poor care in the healthcare system, a system that I had made an oath to serve. There were good people that I encountered in healthcare, but the saying, “one bad apple spoils a whole bunch” rang true. Multiple traumatic experiences from less than ideal medical treatment, coupled with my frustration of working so hard for everyone else at the expense of my physical and mental health, led me to a breakdown.

“This led to frustration and anger, and I realized that I needed to stop, reflect, take care of myself, and rediscover who I was, and what I really wanted. I had to let go of the guilt associated with finally putting myself first. I encourage my clients to do this in a healthy way as well. This doesn’t’ mean that you’re being selfish, because you can’t pour from an empty cup.”

Dr. Tomi Mitchell rose to her position as a respected self-help authority when she assessed her talents, skills, and passions and realized that she wasn’t using them to her full potential, and wasn’t living a truly authentic life.

COVID has provided a unique platform for Dr.Tomi Mitchell to make an impact, with skyrocketing depression rates. “I feel that there is tremendous potential for growth in mental health related businesses, especially now due to the COVID pandemic,” she explains. 

Dr. Tomi Mitchell serves others through one-on-one coaching, group coaching, online courses, VIP coaching, and online programs. She’s also working on creating a daily planner, which she plans to have printed by the end of summer 2021.

“Success is a journey, not destination. There will be ups and downs. This might be challenging, but it builds character and resilience. Success is the continued pursuit of excellence, and integrity, despite challenges.”



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