Dwight Morrison, Visionary and Innovator


Dwight Morrison is CEO and co-founder of PS Remember INC, whose purpose is to connect students past, present, and future. Over 2.5 million schools, including colleges and universities in 147 countries, use this social media platform.

As Dwight states, “The potential for this site is virtually unlimited. There are over 7 billion people on this planet, and 586 million are currently attending high school. Another 207 million are attending college. It is our intention to connect every one of them. Ambitious? Yes. Can it be done? Absolutely.” 

Students currently attending a university, perhaps Texas A&M in the United States, can connect with other college and university students living in Canada or elsewhere. Students can share pictures and stories, send each other messages, and create daily posts just as they would on Facebook or Instagram.

Dwight knows it’s a big undertaking. “I work extensively with our team of developers, programmers, and designers to implement the right functionalities that are relevant to the services to which PS Remember provides. Along with our board of directors, lawyers, and consultants, I am also responsible for the finances of the company, securing the right investors, and building a strong team.”

PS Remember began with the help of Dwight’s wife, Angelique Morrison, and the two have faced many challenges. “We wanted to connect students on a global scale, but we were ignorant of the process that would yield such benefits. My wife, a scientist, had to figure out where and how to gather the names and location of every college and university in over 147 countries. Those two years were not easy!”

Today, PS Remember has the largest and most comprehensive database of kindergartens, high schools, colleges, and universities worldwide – more than even Google and Facebook. 

War-torn countries have presented their own challenges. In Syria, many schools were destroyed, and their students were scattered around the world. “We had to have the names and locations of those schools that no longer exist but were critical to connecting past students. Other challenges could have altered the success of PS Remember and its functionalities.”

What future does Dwight envision for PS Remember? “In five years, we hope to have connected over 100 million students in over 147 countries. Any student, whether they are attending school now or graduated decades ago, will be able to find their loved ones through PS Remember’s search engines, which go back as far as kindergarten.”

What has been the key to Dwight’s success with PS Remember? “I possess the leadership to help shape the next generation through PS Remember. My focus is absolute. I am guided by a sense of responsibility and a cause much greater than myself. I am uniquely positioned to bring forth a platform that will change the lives of millions.”

What advice does Dwight have for anyone who wants to take an idea from birth to implementation?

“Be consistent. Be willing to learn new ideas and to take advice and criticism. Seek out a mentor who can guide you through the process of achieving your goals for your company. Most importantly, love what you do. Change lives, and you will change the world.”

Dwight believes that PS Remember is the embodiment of his definition of success: to provide a service that will improve the lives of millions of people around the world.




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