Angelique Morrison, Vice President and Co-Founder of PS Remember Inc.


Angelique Morrison is leading PS Remember to connect students in more than 100 countries around the world. As vice president and co-founder, her work for the social media platform includes gathering data for the database and optimizing and ensuring its accuracy. The organization’s unique and powerful search engine allows students to find each other no matter where they are in the world. It even allows users to get help with research and homework assignments.

Angelique uses her ability to speak English, Spanish, and French to regularly communicate with the Ministry of Education of many countries to ensure PS Remember’s school database is up to date. 

She has run into challenges along the way. “Several ministries of education were at first apprehensive about providing such comprehensive details about their country’s education. This is where my ability to speak several languages, interpersonal skills, and patience were crucial. I built a rapport with them, and although it took several months of communication, the data was eventually released and entrusted to our company. Our database now contains more than 2.5 million schools.” 

The benefits are not just limited to students. “Administrators at colleges and universities in over 100 countries can now connect with students and other institutions around the globe on a social level, allowing them to showcase their programs to potential students.  This app leverages international education for students.”

As successful as they have been, Angelique sees tremendous potential for the future. She explains that the student population is infinite. Every day, someone is either graduating, attending school, or planning to attend school. This means that the potential for PS Remember’s growth is exponential. “In five years, the goal is for every student in the world who has ever attended or who will attend high school, college, or university to be connected on our platform.”

She believes the appeal of PS Remember is universal. By 2025, the number of people using social media on the planet will have increased to almost 4.41 billion. “This shows that people have the need to interact, connect, and network with each other. PS Remember is a new and exciting social media platform that resonates with people around the globe.”

For the next generation of entrepreneurs, she advises them to remember why they embarked on the journey. What was the need they were trying to fill? “When you want to give up, remember that what you are doing will enrich someone’s life. Never stop. Stay focused, and you will reach your goal.”

Success does not always come easily, but Angelique believes it will come. “To me, success is about overcoming your hurdles and motivating yourself to keep going. It comes when you can talk yourself out of giving up and go on to impact a person’s life with your idea. Always have the courage to accomplish your goals despite adversities. Have the boldness to break down barriers.”

Ultimately, she considers herself to be a woman of vision and purpose and to be capable of leading the next generation of innovators and great minds.  As a scientist in the field of biotechnology, she takes seriously her responsibility to research new and innovative technologies to enhance and increase the efficiency, security, and inclusion of PS Remember as a social media platform. 

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