Mark Julian Paved the Way


When we are honest with ourselves, we admit that we don’t always like to be coached. We know that it is valuable, and can benefit us. We know we will need help to achieve our fullest potential. But we still don’t like it. Who likes being told what to do? Who wants to be humble enough to admit we don’t have all the answers? On top of these roadblocks to accepting coaching, we have in the back of our heads the saying, “if you can’t do, teach.” Is the person teaching us actually qualified? Or are they just trying to grasp their own success any way they can?

Fortunately, Mark Julian was a doer before he became a teacher. Mark Julian (MJ) of The Business Baller offers to teach only from what he has learned for himself. Showing signs of industriousness and entrepreneurship since the age of 14, he brings his decades of business experience and success to the public. In what he calls The Business Baller University, MJ offers videos, guides, and coaching to help encourage and shape other businesses.

Now known for his work in developing and successfully implementing strategies for himself and for his clients, as well as his books detailing the framework for his success (which can be found on Amazon here and here), MJ’s legacy as a mentor almost reaches the height of his success in his own business pursuits. Starting his first joint venture at 14, MJ has grown and expanded his knowledge base and the service he can provide all throughout his life. Starting shortly after he left the Army, where he earned the name “Idea Guy”, MJ has been buying, selling, and running businesses his entire life, with over 25 companies bought and sold by him currently. Focusing on the health and medical industries, MJ has innovated and created fresh, quality products to solve the needs of consumers while still expanding the profits of the businesses. And after producing 60 different products from ideas all the way to the market, MJ is as inventive and innovative as he is resilient and powerful.

With the Business Baller University, participants will be able to learn from decades of firsthand experience and wisdom, with instructions and actionable guides on how to imitate MJ’s success. Students of MJ will be able to learn from business case studies, attend live training on business and inventing, and read his free resources to train them in leading their businesses to success. He also offers online business assessments, filling out questionnaires to get an idea for the health of a business and the opportunities that lay ahead of it.

For those who want an even more up close and personal learning experience, some will have the opportunity to have their questions personally answered by him one on one, receive feedback, evaluation, and real world testing of new products, and even go into business with the “Idea Guy” himself.  Through this paid, one-on-one coaching, business owners and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make years of progress without making years of mistakes.

MJ knows how to build a business—he’s built several. He knows how to navigate hardships and challenges and emerge victorious. MJ is not a coach sitting on the sidelines. He is a powerhouse of his industry who has gone before, paved the way to success, and is now turning back to bring others with him.


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