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Tapestry Girls: Bringing Beauty to Life


Tapestry Girls: Bringing Beauty to Life


Tapestry Girls: Bringing Beauty to Life

Nothing says, “I’m bringing summer back!” like a Summer Flower Tapestry from Tapestry Girls. It’s beautiful sunflower designs, yellow petals and clean white background make this tapestry a must-have for any girl that has an affinity for this charming summer flower.

“Our Sunflower Tapestry is one of our flagship tapestry styles. We sell a lot of floral style tapestries, as well as tarot style tapestries,” commented Kyle Leighton, President of Tapestry Girls. “Our Softy™ bed sets and neon signs are also among our top selling products.“

The Sunflower Tapestry is a lifestyle tapestry reflecting the beautiful summer season. But what exactly is a lifestyle tapestry?

“Lifestyle tapestries are tapestries with beautiful designs that could include a dragon, lion or even an astronaut, or prints influenced from famous art like The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai or The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh,” Leighton explained. “Our Lifestyle Tapestries really allow us the freedom to come up with non-traditional style tapestries that can include anything we like.”

Tapestry Girls is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and donates a portion of its proceeds to non profit organizations that work to improve crucial social issues such as domestic violence and animal cruelty.

Some of Tapestry Girls’ favorite tapestries are pictured below:






Many students search for “tapestries near me” or “best tapestry website”, but soon come to realize that Tapestry Girls is the #1 source for all tapestry decorations. Tapestry Girls has been a trusted tapestry source for years across college campuses, and not only sells tapestries, but also distributes wall decor, bedding and lighting for your room, bedroom or dorm.

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