How a 22-Year Old Entrepreneur is Changing the Consulting World


Joshua Littlejohn is the consummate entrepreneur in the productivity industry and B2B sector, and a very quickly rising star.

Joshua was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and graduated from the Northern Alberta Institute of

Technology where he studied marketing. The 22-year-old Canadian entrepreneur attended four different high schools as a teenager and moved to Canada with his family during his freshman year of high school. Growing up in adversity helped him develop resolve, intuition, and ingenuity as an entrepreneur.

He is the founder and chief executive officer of Norgress, a productivity solutions company,

where he and his team loan their knowledge, skills, and experience to other companies —

helping them reduce costs, craft customer relations, and achieve their operational targets. The company was founded in 2017 and currently specializes in system support, customer service, communications, and development.

As a consultant and through his work with Norgress, Joshua has been featured in publications such as Fox, ABC, Thrive Global, and Benzinga.

The young entrepreneur analyzes companies’ needs, identifies operational problems and

crafts solutions aimed at fueling growth. As a consultant, Joshua is sensitive to companies’ most critical needs regarding their most crucial asset: their people. Whether he is helping to optimize internal communications or transforming a company’s customer outreach systems, Joshua works with deep expertise and intuition across a variety of industries.

Joshua is also the founder of Get Ready World, a social initiative dedicated to helping

individuals and groups that influence the world using business, art, and culture. The project was started in 2020, mainly as a way to help those affected by the global pandemic.





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