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Meet Instagram King Tory Waligroski, The Genius Who Helps Campaigns Go Viral


Meet Instagram King Tory Waligroski, The Genius Who Helps Campaigns Go Viral


Tory Waligroski is not like most people on social media. He did not start posting content of lavish vacations or post pictures of his meals in hopes that people will enjoy seeing it like many influencers do. He took note of what was working and what was not and used his entrepreneurial skills to build an audience with the resources that he had at the time. In 2015 Tory moved from his hometown in Daytona Beach, Florida to Los Angeles. This move was very risky since he had no following at all at the time and there was no guarantee of success. The reason for moving all the way across the country was to start his career in Vine. At the time Vine was one of the most popular media apps so Tory tapped into the potential and began growing his audience. He started with a personal account which he used to make simple and entertaining videos since that was what was desirable at the time. 

Soon enough he had a generous following on his personal account but he did not want to let his following go to waste so he created other nonpersonal accounts that would offer different content and attract a larger audience. At the height of his Vine career, he had almost a million followers on his personal account and over 9 million followers on his other nonpersonal accounts. Tory has tried a couple of different platforms and even spent some brief time with youtube but ultimately landed on Instagram. Tory could not stay limited to Vine especially after they shut down for good he had to find another platform. 

After taking note that Facebook did not allow cannabis content or paid ads he used that opportunity to cater to the cannabis audience. By starting cannabis pages he provided a place where fans of cannabis can go and freely indulge in cannabis-related content. He has found a lot of success through creating these pages and although many of them have been sold he still has possession of two popular pages. The two accounts that he still has are @weed which has 870 thousand followers and @baked which has 132 thousand followers. Tory once again took the followers that he created and turned it into even more followers for his other popular page, @fuckboy. This page caters to a larger audience and provides high-quality comedy content to 285 thousand followers. The way that Tory keeps growing his followers is that he does not confine himself to one account or field and will go into different genres and adjust to different audiences in order to maximize his following.

Tory’s ability to enter the ultra-competitive industry of social media is beyond impressive. In his brief five years of living in Los Angeles, he was able to create a massive following all thanks to his entrepreneurial and eager attitude. By adjusting his material to what his audience wanted he was able to make a huge following on Vine and even once he lost that platform he was not stopped. There have been many Vine content creators who were unable to transition from Vine to the other available platforms. Thankfully for Tory, he had the necessary skills to identify his niche audience and create content for them as well as hundreds of thousands of other people. It is not clear what his plans are for the future but considering how well he has been able to grow with the followers that he has I feel very certain that Tory will not let anything stop him and will only continue growing his career.  

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