Turning Passion Into Profit: An Interview With Serial Entrepreneur, Jas Mathur


COVID-19 has brought along severe economic strains, putting millions out of work, and entrepreneurs desperate to stay profitable. Non-essential businesses have taken a critical hit. Hundreds of thousands, across the world, have even had to shut their doors for good. While many companies face a bleak future, others are trying to adapt to the new economic landscape that the pandemic has created. At the same time, we also have among us, some truly outstanding individuals that never get deterred by any calamity. It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Jas Mathur.

Entrepreneurs like Jas Mathur, founder, and CEO of health and fitness company, Limitless Performance, are focusing their attention on spreading the most impactful message of personal well-being. They use the medium of tried and tested products to help consumers feel their best during such an uncertain time. 

We wanted to know how Jas Mathur got started. So, we sat down with him to gain insights into how he turned his love and passion for fitness into a profit.

How did you get into the health and fitness industry?

It will not be far from the truth in claiming that my entrepreneurship traits started to blossom at a very young age. My future started taking shape the day I received the precious gift of a personal computer from my parents, when I was 11 years old.  What I learned and how I developed with that computer did is hard to explain in words. A whole new world was before me and I was truly a sponge driven to seek and absorb new information.  At a time when most people did not know much about the internet, I quickly acquired valuable skills in Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Email Marketing and a host of related knowledge that helped me become the business man that I am today.  I am blessed to have had that first computer. 

Coming back to the question of how I got into the Health and Fitness industry, the answer is not easy and at times very emotional.  Although I have always been successful in business and the endeavors I take on, in my drive to succeed I was negligent in taking care of myself.

In my mid-twenties, I owned and managed a retail, wholesale and distribution business in Vancouver.

The brick and mortar and online stories carried Home Entertainment Electronics, Satellite Systems, Surveillance Cameras and unlocked GSM Mobile Phones. During the course of this progress, I had developed a passion for wrestling shows on the television. However, building business, both online and off, took a lot of effort, time, as well as a heavy toll on my health. I started putting on weight for lack of physical activity. Believe it or not, I was double my weight now and physically bankrupt.

The significant change in my life came because I was in the right place at the right time and, most important, I was honest enough with myself that I need to make changes.  At the time, the business next door to mine was a nutritional supplements store with a food and shake bar. They used to carry products from almost all the well-established suppliers in the industry and made healthy wraps and shakes. Still, I never paid any attention until the day I saw a poster of former WWE Superstar Dave Bautista outside that store. He was endorsing Nutrabolics, a Vancouver-based globally recognized nutritional supplements brand. That piqued my curiosity to the point of no return. I started drinking Nutrabolics Isobolic protein shakes to substitute milkshakes and other sodas which I was accustomed to.

However, as I know now, every change needs a plan and proper guidance.  At the time, in my enthusiasm to get healthy and lose the weight, I had unknowingly begun overdosing on Proteins and not feeling well.  I became aware that I needed assistance and information from knowledgeable professionals and started to learn as much as I could about the health and nutrition from industry experts.  As a result, not only was I able to address my own health deterioration but also able utilize my knowledge and expertise to engage in another successful business genre.

Thanks to the computer I got when I was young, I was already very good at website design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I was also an eBay Power Seller. Instinct told me to develop a working relationship with my neighbor, so I sat down with the store owner and negotiated the right to sell items from his inventory online. He could push more products by offering them to me at a lower margin and making more money. In the very first week, my sales surpassed $15,000.00. The day was not far when they could not keep up with my demand and had no choice but to refer me to the distributors directly.

As sales started ramping up, I developed a full-blown website offering the most extensive selection at very competitive prices. To do that, I had to undertake an exhaustive Competitive Search Analysis as to who was selling what and at what price, their delivery schedule, S&H charges, Return Policies. Fortunately, there were not too many online retailers in this industry, and those that were there only offered limited selection. My advantage rested in my existing business that sustained my lifestyle. I had enough storage space for inventory, shipping arrangements in place, and the necessary staff to ensure prompt shipments of every order. So, the backend system was already in place.

The initial forays into this industry gave me renewed vigor.

 It was built on a growing passion and offered a much quicker turn-around of inventory, meaning higher cumulative returns. All said and done, the neighbor’s poster announcing the opportunity to meet with a well-known wrestler in person brought me the change that turned my life around. The next best thing I did was respond to it and then exploited it as an immense opportunity.

Were you always passionate about staying fit and active?

No, I was not. In fact, I was the kid who sat in front of a computer and truly enjoyed the excessive amounts of food I was consuming.  My life changed because I was first able to identify my own feelings and perceptions about myself and the need to change in addition to other people’s perceptions of me.  That realization opened my eyes to so many changes and possibilities for myself and others.  I was lucky to have had that store open next to mine.  Consequently, it changed my life, changed my thinking, and put me on the path to obtain the best self-management tool. 

The changes I started to make changed both my physical appearance and also my mental and spiritual well-being.  I have become a more amiable person, and no longer get irritated at the slightest provocation. Also gone are the insurmountable bouts of anger. Every morning I get out of the bed, I see a better version of myself.

Physical and mental health should be a priority for all.  I know it is easier said than done, but our biggest investment should be in ourselves.  I see the time spent in the gym as an investment in myself. It is a therapy that helps me eliminate all the distortions from life and recharge the waning energies at the same time. No amount of stress can deter me from pre-set goals as I have found the ultimate cleanse for my brain, not just the body. I don’t just focus on my physical appearance but more on my emotional enhancement as well. I have designed myself a better-fitting thinking cap that nourishes my brain each step of the way. In the process, I have developed an innate capability to capture the fine details of any interaction. The resulting change helps me see through most of the hidden agenda that selfish individuals carry like a dagger in their cloaks. Each passing day, I get to hone my analytical skills another few notches due to the fact there is no trash left to stink.

For a moment, remember the precious words of Winston Churchill: “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” I am proud to exclaim I am a born Optimist! I exploited every loophole available to me in every industry I set my foot into, and I always come out with flying colors.

Many people try to transform their lives drastically but fail. How were you able to get motivated to change?

Although I started to have a self-realization for a need to change, I was also greatly driven to lose the weight for a high school crush and a car.  Yes, a girl and car!  The girl, because she was a challenge and I did not want her or any of my high school friends to see how I looked on this new platform, Facebook, you may have heard about it.  And the car became the next motivator because I could not physically and comfortably fit inside the dream car I had bought at the time. It was a fabulous Porsche 911 Turbo. That’s when I began to transform my life based on healthy habits, a positive attitude, spirituality, and dedication to my physical self-improvement.

How have you used your health and fitness knowledge to become so successful?

It has played an integral role in my journey. Physical training forces your body to release chemicals called endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body and enhance my analytical abilities. My regular workout regime gives me balance, peace, calm, the energy to stay focused, and not get carried away by distractions.

I do not waste my time or energy over trivial things in life anymore. I can see qualitative and quantitative growth in my overall achievements daily. Each morning I wake up, I find a firm resolve to make the day better than before. Naturally, all my energies get tuned to this goal, and every effort takes me in the same direction.

The change I chose as the basis of my lifestyle has given me an enormous amount of mental equilibrium that powers my uncanny sense of right and wrong. The power of perception at my command has taught me how to see through the evil designs of sycophants. Naturally, I shy away from the naysayers and those with a cynical bent of mind. Fitness has given me a new parameter of positivity. I have no qualms of exploiting it to the hilt in setting new goals and achieving them consistently.

Time invested inside of a Gym gives me the necessary fuel, the drive, the zeal to prioritize my day per the most productive activities. I have learned how not to let distractions steal from me. I can skillfully manage to avoid shortcuts. By the way, remember, those taking short cuts get their lives cut short! It does not take long for them to face tumultuous challenges. They find themselves drowned in insurmountable troubles and end up paying a heavy price. Would you like to be in that situation? I doubt it!

One of my most significant gains so far is DISCIPLINE, self-discipline to be precise. It has taught me many valuable lessons; no school on the face of the earth could ever teach these. I have ceased to be an emotional fool, nor do I have mood swings. I can think on my two feet and still stand tall in the face of the biggest calamity. Time in the Gym allows me to indulge in inner-reflection. I can better analyze my surroundings during my free time, away from all other humdrum. Vigorous work out flushes toxins out of my body and creates space for creative ideas to sprout, nurture, and flourish all in one place. Accordingly, I gather the courage to go beyond the norm in attaining success. I wish there were an inner route, but alas, none existed, not to my knowledge!

What’s your main goal right now and moving into the very near future?

My goal is to help others with their goals.  I want to motivate, inspire, and empower all those around me to transform to their better self. I realize that each person needs specific tools to make those changes.  So, I want to provide the tools and guidance to help others to achieve their goals.  The tools I have at my disposal to accomplish this task consist of a wide range of life experiences and a track record of business success. It is my overall ability to stay disciplined and committed to the things that matter and mean the most in the long run – chief among them – mental health. As things remain uncertain right now, the one thing that doesn’t need to fall prey to the current situation is our health. I want to continue to share my message and my products with people who need them.





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