This Company Is Making Sports Affordable Again. Here’s How:


With so many places to buy sporting goods, it can be confusing on where to go for the best gear. ROUND2 aims to solve this problem once and for all. Unlike traditional sports stores who try and sell you generic sporting goods, ROUND2 focuses on providing the best sports gear, individualized to each customer. While new to the industry, they already have made a large digital presence, ran a successful year long beta test, and  have hundreds of thousands of youth athletes and parents waiting for this game-changing solution.

To satisfy all your sporting goods needs, ROUND2 has created a system which neatly puts millions of items in one marketplace so that it is easy for those to find exactly what they need, without having to spend hours searching multiple sites or making trips to the local store. They aggregate items from all the top sites and retailers from around the web, giving shoppers an unparalleled, all-in-one solution. ROUND2 is publicly launching their web based platform in June, that uses automation and machine learning to provide each search with customized results, making it easier than ever to find the best gear for you. “By understanding each athlete and their equipment needs, we are able to rank the search results in a way that nobody else is doing”, said Dillon Breslin, CEO of ROUND2. “By analyzing what each athlete is searching for or buying, we can continue to pair each athlete with the best gear for them at the best price…no matter where it comes from”, Breslin continued.

All it takes is a couple clicks on the website and you are connected to the millions of items that they have for each type of athlete or each sport. Whether you need a new glove or some cycling gear, ROUND2 has it. This is not your generic department store either; they carry many premium and exclusive products such as limited items from brands like Rawlings and Nike. ROUND2 really took shape when, Brian Fletcher, former MLB draft pick received a call from his now partner, Breslin. Breslin pitched the idea of creating a company to change the sporting goods market and Fletcher helped him run with the idea. This was the break Fletcher had been waiting for since he retired from baseball and was the perfect opportunity for him to combine his passion with business interests. Fletcher envisioned ROUND2 combining marketplace with community, providing a way for consumers and athletes to network. Through exclusive content and ways to connect and engage, ROUND2 is going to be a tool like nothing else available. ROUND2 has already begun testing their market-network through exclusive giveaways with All Stars and Gold Glove winners from the MLB.

Gone are the days where athletes have to pay premiums and waste their valuable time to get their most desirable sports gear. With the new web-based platform launching in June, it will be an experience like none other for athletes. This is the modern shopping experience all athletes have been asking for and the wait is over. 


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