Wooter Apparel And GameBreaker Come Together During COVID-19 To Launch CovCare


When the sports world came to a screeching halt in early March with growing concerns of the Coronavirus epidemic spreading around the world, two leading sports companies in their industries quickly came together to make a difference.

Wooter Apparel and GameBreaker have announced they are teaming-up to power CovCare, a medical supplies logistics and distribution company dedicated to solving the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and respirator facemasks by protecting healthcare workers around the world fighting COVID-19. With an extensive quantity of medical supplies and NIOSH certified N95 respirator masks (along with KN95 and disposable 3-Ply surgical masks) doctors, nurses, and first-responders, are already benefiting from the support of CovCare.

Since coming together to form CovCare, the company has provided respirators and facemasks to Montefiore Medical Center, Mount Sinai, and Staten Island University Hospital. CovCare has also committed to donating one disposable facemask to a hospital in need for each 10 facemasks sold.

“These are really difficult times and together with GameBreaker, our sports business was shut down because of the Coronavirus. We saw the struggle governments and hospitals were facing with getting facemasks and respirators in time and we were able to address these concerns thanks to our supply chain in China,” said Wooter CEO, Alex Aleksandrovski, about partnering with GameBreaker to launch CovCare.

CovCare marks the second time Wooter Apparel and GameBreaker have come together. Back in January, the two forward-thinking sports brands formed a partnership to provide athletes, coaches, and teams the chance to purchase GameBreaker headgear and products through Wooter Apparel (which started in 2014 in Staten Island and creates customized sports uniforms and apparel) by presenting customized logos and team names on select GameBreaker items. Paving the way in preventing the rise of concussions and head injuries in contact sports, protecting athletes became the sole focus for GameBreaker over the last nine years.

Now for GameBreaker Founder Mike Juels, uniting with Wooter Apparel to power CovCare has become the new shared goal and vision.

“For GameBreaker, coming together with Wooter Apparel was the chance to compliment each other’s relationships, supply chains, distribution abilities, software and technological resources in order to do some good in the world,” Juels said.

“This is bigger than sports right now. This joint venture is about making an impact right here at home. We have remained committed to our employees as a company through this difficult time while pivoting to address the concerns and needs of hospitals and healthcare workers in our own communities.”

Thanks to Wooter Apparel and GameBreaker, CovCare is working diligently with manufacturers to safeguard medical professionals and healthcare workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcement about the formation of CovCare follows Wooter Apparel making headlines last week by partnering with Staten Island-based PROJECT PROTECT in an effort to raise awareness about the lack of medical supplies and to equip nurses with essential PPE supplies.

As hospitals and small local healthcare facilities throughout the United States continue to cope with the ever-growing number of Coronavirus cases, some are faced with the reality of being short on supplies while others are trying to maintain supplies in an event that COVID-19 surges. Those in the medical field aren’t the only ones taking measures to stay cautious and prepared. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now recommending that people wear face coverings in public venues like grocery stores, the need for facemasks is at an all-time high.

In each situation, CovCare is here to help.

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