Leadership Meet Sean Ferres: The Unique Client Generation Coach Who...

Meet Sean Ferres: The Unique Client Generation Coach Who Advocates for Clients


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Sean Ferres is a unique client generation coach as he advocates for all aspects of personal and professional development to build the brand.  Besides the one on one coaching on client generation and getting six-figure clients, he also pushes for character development into gaining more business.

Bragging the highest student success rate in the industry, Sean Ferres is THE client-acquisition coach for copywriters. Sean helps copywriters, Closers, SMMAs, and other skilled freelancers to acquire their first 3-5 high paying clients and sprint to $10k/mo in 100 days or less.

Sean is the founder of the Copy Millions Blueprint™ Program – a global movement of freelance copywriters and closers from 30+ countries who have helped businesses sell tens of millions of dollars of their products and services (and been rewarded handsomely for it).

Mr. Ferres is also a two times HSS speaker and has shared stages with other industry leaders such as Dan Pena, Jason Capital, Elliott Hulse and Craig Ballantyne.

With dozens of 6-figure success stories under his belt at 22 years of age, these are impressive feats but Sean assures us that this is just the beginning. Ferres has no plans of stopping until he’s realised his full potential as a coach and created one hundred 6-figure freelancers.

One thing that he highlights is being kind to others. If you are bad, the world will be bad to you. If you are good, then good will come back to you. Simple concept: What goes around comes around. He tries to hold this near and dear to their heart as it is something that is a very important part of the culture with his clients. He strives to provide excellent service to clients with goodwill and transparency. Additionally “what goes up must come down”. Thus putting positive energy towards something will come back to you.

Sean pushes for an important part of the culture as well. Humility is something we are all taught either at home or in school. However, for some of us that are not the most humble, life has its ways of humbling us. It is very important to be humble during your ups as sometimes “people may not help you get back up” if you are not humble. This ties into Karma as we must give back to others in need as you might have needed help in the past. Regardless, you will definitely need some sort of help in the future. So make sure that arrogance is something you stay away from. After celebrating major milestones, you must never think that you have made it. Focus on the next goal.

Sean comes in as a friend to make sure that you take care of yourself as a businessman. Do not trust everyone who claims that they can help you. In business there are no friends; It is about profits and making sure you aren’t harming anyone else. Family and friends should be very carefully evaluated when it comes to decisions involving their activity in your business. Alternatively, make sure that the customer isn’t being harmed either. Also, he makes sure that the legal aspects of your business are right. Sean focuses much on Financial metrics such as a high rate of return or return on investment because it is a crucial part of business success. However, the various ways others see the business is even more important to your company’s success. Making clients happy by ensuring a high-quality customer service is important to Sean. There is a saying that the “customer is always right”.

There is also a saying that “client is always king”. He makes sure that his clients Build a reputable brand by ensuring their business is right for the respective customer. He reminds his clients that their business record and reviews are only one search away. Social credibility is essential to company success to convince potential investors, buyers, or clients that the company is right for them.



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