Meet Duke Law Student Wajeeh West: In An Interview With One Of The Most Powerful Content Creators


Content creation is the process of identifying a new topic you want to write about, deciding which form you want the content to take, formalizing your strategy (keyword or otherwise), and then actually producing it.

In addition, most content creation processes involve thorough rounds of edits with other stakeholders before content is ready for publish.

Because content can take many forms – blog post, video, eBook, Tweet, infographic, advertisement, to name a few – the content creation process is nuanced and not always as simple as it might seem. But doing it well can truly impact your business.

That being said our editor-in-chief and founder, Shazir Mucklai had a chance to chat with Wajeeh Mahmood, a Pakistani American content creator, entrepreneur, and a law student at Duke Law.

Shazir Mucklai: What exactly do you do?

Wajeeh West: My name is Wajeeh Mahmood aka Wajeeh West.  I am a Pakistani American content creator, entrepreneur, and a law student at Duke Law.  My journey as a YouTube creator began in 2013 at the University of Southern California.  With a passion for academics and my culture, I began posting content that relates with individuals going through the same struggles of navigating the American lifestyle as a minority.  I have been able to accumulate over half a million followers across my social platforms by relating with individuals and portraying my life as a Pakistani Muslim American.

Thereafter, I began working with brands such as Nike, Under Armour, AT&T, and many more.  I was able to travel and perform in sold out theaters around the world while being invited to speak at institutions such as Columbia, NYU, UCLA, and USC.  By being a content creator and a full-time student, I try to embody what it means to pursue your passions of creativity without having to sacrifice education.  With my entrepreneurial spirit, I have been able to create a brand, build a business, and invest in companies, all while achieving academic honors and excellence.

Shazir Mucklai: Where do you see your business and industry in 3-5 years?

Wajeeh West: I definitely believe that social media and YouTube will still be a powerful force for the next decade.  Due to rapid technological advancements, new ways to create content might surface.  Given the heavily saturated market, creating original content might serve as a challenge.   However, I do believe that what makes you unique is YOU.  That is something that I will always hold onto.  I plan to tackle every challenge of creativity by being myself.

Shazir Mucklai: How do you foster creativity and growth in your day to day interaction?

Wajeeh West: I try and draw inspiration from anything that I can.  Whether it be in a classroom setting or something funny with my friends, my mind is constantly thinking of new content ideas.  Further, I constantly remind myself how blessed I am to be in a position to influence and motivate others.  Given my unique journey through school, I know there are many kids out there that can learn and be motivated in seeing how I got to where I am today.  All though I have a long way to go, I am constantly trying to uplift the next generation and helping them “Flip the Switch” to achieve excellence.

Shazir Mucklai: What’s your one tip of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Wajeeh West: BE YOURSELF and WORK.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to be yourself in everything and anything you do.  By being yourself and not caring what others think, it allows you to be the best version of yourself and flourish in all aspects of life.  In particular, it allows you to take risks and pursue creative ideas that you otherwise would be too afraid to pursue.

Most importantly however, ideas are nothing without execution and a strong work ethic.  I constantly emphasize to my audience that you don’t have to be naturally smart to achieve whatever you want in life, it takes the right mindset and work ethic to be successful.  You have to FLIP THE SWITCH and get to work.  Take your grind to the next level and never give up until your goal or dream is accomplished.  Get organized, focused, and make it your goal to be the hardest worker in the room.


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