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Alex Kowtun & Scott Farnsworth Launch Full Force Media, An Exciting & Unparalleled Media Company


Alex Kowtun & Scott Farnsworth Launch Full Force Media, An Exciting & Unparalleled Media Company


Entrepreneurs and pilots Alex Kowtun and Scott Farnsworth recently joined forces for a new venture, Full Force Media. Their expertise, backgrounds, and networks make them uniquely capable of generating authentic, adrenaline-pumping content for marketing on a variety of platforms.

Kowtun, along with cofounders Frank Gomez and Seth Goldberg, founded Monkey In Paradise Vodka. Four and a half years ago, they started using colorful monkey cocktail markers to help party guests identify their drinks and start conversations with each other more easily. The markers were a hit, and their guests began handing them out at their favorite bars and restaurants to help others “break the ice” too. After receiving countless pictures of the cocktail markers around town, the three started Monkey In Paradise Instagram and Facebook accounts. The social media following grew quickly – and became quite a marketing platform for tens of thousands of followers, many of whom posted their own pictures of the monkey markers in spectacular locations around the world. By 2016, Monkey In Paradise had become a lifestyle brand, but with no actual product to sell. Soon after, Monkey In Paradise Vodka was born and within a year established itself as one of the world’s top-rated vodkas. Kowtun and his team achieved a successful proof of concept with the vodka in West Palm Beach, FL. In 2019, senior spirits managers were recruited; the vodka distribution now includes 7 states and is expanding nationally. With Monkey In Paradise Vodka up and running smoothly, Kowtun was ready for the next opportunity to leverage his resources and creative approaches. He and his close friend, Scott Farnsworth, launched Full Force Media.

Scott Farnsworth is a California native, Airline Captain, and owner of Dash Aerosports. He is also a proud father and husband. Farnsworth started flying airplanes at the young age of 15. Scott’s parent’s modest income made odd jobs and washing aircraft the main source of his flying funds. He was very focused and knew what he wanted to accomplish. At age 22, he became the youngest pilot for his first airline. Later, at the age of 29 he moved onto his current position as a Airbus 321 captain for a major airline. Being a serial entrepreneur, Farnsworth wanted to do more with his love of aviation. He built his first racing airplane in his garage. Next, he started flying competitively in aerobatic competitions. While doing so, he saw the huge public exposure that air racing and air shows offer, and that it was not being leveraged to the fullest. Farnsworth knew that he had the talent and will to be a top air show and racing pilot, but he needed the ability to purchase and operate a fighter jet. As a result, Farnsworth put together strategies to combine forces, add sponsors, and achieve his goals—and bring maximum value to sponsors via Dash Aerosports. Dash currently operates two highly modified Czechoslovakian L-39 fighter jets on the air show circuit in North America and in China. Dash also races in the fastest motorsport on the planet, the Jet class at the Reno National Air Races. Farnsworth is focused on becoming the fastest race pilot in the world. Meanwhile, Dash Aerosports has quickly become one of the most exciting civilian operated jet air show acts in the world. The

team travels with the jets, tour bus, staff, car, and a virtual reality crowd experience. Farnsworth uses all of these resources to deliver amazing performances in the sky, but just as importantly, to create an engaging experience on the ground for his sponsors and the fans. Dash Aerosports receives over 55 million impressions per year and is growing exponentially.

Clearly, Farnsworth and Kowtun have been successful creating unique marketing platforms that set them apart from the status quo. Both are pilots and thrill-seekers, but also very serious entrepreneurs. The new company combines the strengths of Kowtun and Farnsworth to offer extremely unusual and effective opportunities for the brands they represent. Companies of all sizes can work with Full Force to customize marketing strategies with new and cutting-edge approaches. Full Force Media is a full-service media company offering social media content creation, social media account management, influencer marketing, branding, and priority placement in the powersports lifestyle world. Clients and fans can expect to see fighter jets, speed boats, race cars, luxury lifestyle locations, and special events to be featured in the content and campaigns.

Full Force Media is proud to welcome Infantry USA to their portfolio of clients. Infantry USA is an automatic, skeleton frame timepiece at affordable price points.

Already active on two continents, Full Force Media knows the sky is the limit and is preparing for more epic new projects in the coming months.

Follow Kowtun on instagram at @successful and Farnsworth @dash_aerosports


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